Friday, June 02, 2017

Just a bunch of lists

Over the course of the past five years I've

  • Held five different jobs
  • Lived in four different places, including another country
  • Read 182 books
  • Lost two grandparents
  • Learned so much.

Things I've loved about living in North Beacon Hill

  • The sound of train horns in the night
  • Growing tomatoes on the deck with western sun exposure
  • View of Puget Sound, SoDo, the stadiums and downtown
  • Hearing the cannons at CenturyLink Field go off with every Seahawks touchdown and field goal (which then broadcasts on my TV, delayed)
  • Having two ovens
  • Delite Bakery, Hair Skill Design, Red Apple
  • Walking home from work
  • Driving to church in eight minutes
  • Reminders and memories of my Grandma Yvonne.

Reasons I love Twitter

  • The memes
  • Curated news and articles
  • Black Twitter
  • Subtweets
  • Heartwarming viral videos.

Things I loved about working in Belltown

    "Peak Millennial"

    • Thinkpieces
    • Irony
    • Instagram
    • Pressed juice
    • Sanctimony
    • Binge-watching
    • Mash-ups
    • Complaining about millennial thinkpieces.

    Things I loved about Los Angeles

    • How it feels like one giant suburb
    • Diaspora communities
    • TV/Movie billboards that are six stories tall
    • Sunshine, Santa Monica, the PCH
    • Feeling like I could happen to run into my favorite screenwriter/director/actor at any time
    • East L.A. and the mestizaje vibe
    • The overall creative *atmosphere*
    • The satisfaction that I was, if but momentarily, a part of the zeitgeist.

    Favorite demographic data sources

    2017 Podcast Roundup

    Netspeak I find amusing

    • mood
    • sjw
    • soft
    • smol
    • hbd
    • petty
    • receipts
    • my aesthetic
    • it's lit. 

    Favorite parts of teaching Sunday school

    • All the kids talking over each other because they want to tell me about their week
    • Their elation at being able to drink Crystal Light
    • Pretend marching around the walls of Jericho with paper plate "trumpets"
    • Inadvertently predisposing them to libertarianism by giving them Hershey Nuggets then having tax collector Zacchaeus collect 2/3 of them back
    • Yelling "NO SPOILERS!" when a student already knows the Bible story and tries to tell the whole thing to the class
    • All tangents leading to Star Wars
    • So many Teddy Grahams 
    • Being asked, "Do you know what a gangster is?" 

    This was fun and maybe I'll do it again. Have an idea for a list you'd like me to write? Request it in the comments.