Monday, June 20, 2011

At Thurgood Marshall, "The Dream Is Alive!!!"

Today was my last day of volunteering at Thurgood Marshall Elementary School. It crept up on me--it's like, just when I feel like I've built up momentum, things get cut short. Yet, as it says in Ecclesiastes, There is a time for everything... Being in Ms. Pan's class every week has been so therapeutic to me! To see the kids smile when I enter the room in the morning is something I'll never forget. There were definitely times (especially when there was a substitute teacher) that I felt so exasperated that I just wanted to sock 'em, but I have surely grown attached to them. But once again, it's another goodbye, and I release them into the Lord's hands. It's like scattering someone's ashes to the wind.. kinda.

I wanted to share with you the "drama production" that the kids performed last Friday called "When I think of a friend." Each of the students were placed into groups and each created a statement of "When I think of a friend.." For each sentence the group made a tableaux, a posed snapshot to capture the meaning of the words:

Group One: Felisha, Galeah, Amiria, Martin and Janelle--
When I think of a friend I think of someone who...
  • helps me when I'm going through rough times
  • will play with me in gymnastics
  • welcomes me warmly
  • is helpful
  • supports and encourages me to do the right thing

Group Two: Kiana, Dez'Wonique, Abdikadir, Jordan and Au
When I think of a friend I think of someone...
  • who can keep all my secrets and giggle with me
  • who cares for me when I get hurt
  • that can be honest with me
  • who helps me score a goal in soccer
  • that dances with me

Group Three: Mia, Halimo, Isaaq and Mohamud
When I think of a friend I think of someone who...
  • helps me with a math problem
  • plays tag with me
  • helps me when I'm dizzy
  • that plays soccer with me
  • plays basketball with me

Group Four: Salat, Arturo, Lavontre, Amina and Katana
When I think of a friend I think of someone who...
  • welcomes me to a new neighborhood
  • is playful
  • helps me stay on my health
  • helps me when I get hurt
  • helps me on a hard problem

Group Five: Ibrahim, Olga, Anaiya, Sergio and Russell
When I think of a friend I think of someone who...
  • can play tag with me
  • will play a game with me
  • helps me
  • cares for me


Aren't they just the cutest???

To close, here is a picture of the kids out front of the Underground Seattle Tour office:
It was sad hugging them all goodbye today, but I know they've got enough spark to make it through the rest of their lives with flying colors. So thankful to have spent this year with them!!!!

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  1. April, these students were lucky to have you with them this past school year. What fun and what a blessing!