Saturday, July 07, 2012

Job Search

It's been a month since I've graduated and I've since applied to about six different job positions. They've ranged from a "Sales Associate" at The Body Shop to a Family Life Director with a church in the Rainier Valley. So far none have resulted in an invitation to an interview. I'm trying to stay upbeat and not discouraged. My goal is to keep submitting cover letters and resumes, at least one a week. This upcoming week I'll be applying to Office Depot! Hey, I wouldn't hate it. :)

It's been humbling to be in such a competitive job market and to realize that just because I have an undergraduate degree, it does not mean that I would be automatically qualified for/competent in a "lackey job" like working a front desk or selling retail.

I'm still pretty bummed about the whole Peace Corps thing not working out. My parents keep trying to assure me that there's "something out there" for me, and that I just need to be patient and wait for it. Well, we'll just see about that.

Hope my next "something" will show up before I'm thirty.

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  1. your degree might actually be working against you.
    people probably think you're 'over-qualified':) . and i've also heard that it can take up to 30 tries before you finally find a place that'll take you. lol jobs.

    i'm really sorry about the peace corps thing. their loss, man.

    things sound like they're pretty frustrating right now. i wish i had more time to hang out.

    because it's you, and you're an amazing lady, something's gotta give.

    until our next t.v. binge~