Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fun Pics from Thurgood Marshall!

Boyz in da Hood!! Back row: Salaat (baby face!), Ibrahim (born in Kenya..WUT???), Mohamud (self-professed class clown). Front Row: Sergio & Arturo (He lent me Diary of a Wimpy Kid to read & I translated for his mom for parent-teacher conferences).
Moves Like Michael Jackson. I just love this one cuz Mohamud has the crotch grab down pat.  

"Take a picture of us racing, Miss April!!"

L to R: Russell (he gives the BEST hugs & is allergic to peanuts), Eden (sweetie!!), Amiria (she likes MATH!), Olga (from Guatemala 'n' we chat in Espanol sometimes), Felisha, Kiana, Anaiya (smartypants!)

Girl Power! Girls who participated in the Global Reading Challenge! The sign says, "Anaiya's team won but our team came in a tie for second"

My favorite picture!!! Back row: Jordan (straight-A student), Jose (super focused but has the cutest dimples ever!), Martin (hilarious kid!), Eden, Au (encourages me to watch Lady Gaga music videos), Amina (highest reading level EVER!), Anaiya (she's going places), Amiria (always is wearing Ugg boots!), Olga
Second row: Arturo, Sergio, Felisha, Abdi (dude, this kid cracks me up!)
w/ blue basketball: Ibrahim


  1. well, i feel better.

    i love that kid who came up and covered the lens. HAHA.

    they look like a really fun group. :)

  2. Hi, April! I love these pictures. They made my day and made me laugh out loud. I can feel each of their determined spirits as I write this. Thanks for sharing.